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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Taking research where the practice is

The major challenge for the research community is to take knowledge or evidence generated from research to the practitioners for translation into tangible practice. So, what are the key factors which enable this knowledge translation process to happen successfully? These can be summarized as follows: early engagement with programme, interpersonal relationship among the researchers and the practitioners, timeliness and relevance, credibility of the researchers and research organization, and customized dissemination for different strata of audiences. When research is embedded into the programme and thereby informed by practice, there is mutual respect and learning between programme and research. Besides, creating a culture of understanding the constraints and challenges under which programme operates is key to get appreciation and acceptability for research. To be credible, researchers also need to be ‘entrepreneurial’ i.e., learn the skills of networking with knowledge users and peers to build alliances for common action and minimize the ‘know-do’ gap. 

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